How do I calibrate a screen on a CDC five, CDC six, CDC seven, CDC seven-s or CDC eight?

Insert a USB stick with software inside (version is irrelevant) into the USB slot which will bring up the CDC Command Centre.

Press the button named Touch Screen Calibrate then press the button labelled Monitor Mapping.

Each screen will prompt you to touch it, when you do this on each of the screens respectively you will have successfully re-calibrated the screens.

However,  the Touch Me pop-up may not be visible on the 6.5″  screen on the CDC six, seven, seven-s or eight. To calibrate the screens either:

  • If after pressing Monitor Mapping no pop-up appears press the small screen first.
  • If the pop-up has already appeared on one or both of the large 23.5″ screens and now you see no Touch Me pop-up, press the small screen.