How do I upgrade the firmware on a CDC four:m?

Below are the instructions on how to update the firmware on the CDC four:m:

1. First, make sure any scene memories are saved to a USB memory stick before updating the console.

2. Connect the CDC four:m to the internet via an RJ45 cable inserted into the Ethernet socket on the rear panel of the console.

3. Boot the CDC four:m into Maintenance Mode either by:

a.  Switching on the console while pushing in the recessed switch labelled RESET on the back panel. Release the switch only when the Cadac logo is on the screen.

b.  Or select SYSTEM / SYS SETTINGS / MAINTENANCE, enter the pin number “1969” using the ADJUST encoder and arrow buttons. Press ENTER to select OK. Press ENTER again.

4. When the CDC four:m is in Maintenance Mode, select NET UPDATE (press F5) and wait for message to report the update is complete.
5. Disconnect the RJ45 from the console.
6. Power cycle the unit twice to initialise the new firmware.

After this you should have the latest version of firmware on your console.