I have tried to upgrade my console with new software and the upgrade seems to have failed and the console no longer works. What should I do now?

The best course of action is to do what is known as a Total Recall. A Total Recall will completely wipe the console of its current software version and allow you to then re-install the console software.

Follow the steps below and you will end up with a working console. BUT before you do this procedure save any show files that are on the console as they will be deleted.

1. Download the CDC Console Software from the website

2. Then unzip this file into the route directory of an empty USB stick

3. Plug the USB stick into a USB port on the console, while the console is switched on

4. The CDC Command Centre with the upgrade menu will appear on the main screen

If the Command Centre does not start, connect a USB keyboard to the console:

  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL
  • Navigate to Start Task Manager
  • Press ALT-F
  • Type “Explorer
  • Press Enter

5. Double Tap the button Expert View in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen

6. Press the icon highlighted in red Total Recall, this will restart the console

7. Remove the USB stick when the console shuts down

8. The console will reboot, select English when prompted to choose language

9. Next the console will indicate that it cannot find any software – there will be a large red warning screen, do not worry. It says invalid console because the Total Recall has removed all the console data.

10. At this point insert the USB, and the console will shut down

11. Remove the USB when the console shuts down

12. The Console will then reboot automatically. When the console loader appears, it will try to load the software and eventually say ‘Please Re-load Software’ in the black text box, at this point insert the USB key once more.

13. Then CDC command centre will then appear, press Update Software, and then Power down and remove the USB

14. Restart the console. This restart will NOT work

15. Turn the Power Supply Unit off and then back on, followed by turning the console back on

16. On the next start up, the software will be fully installed, and the Total Recall has been successfully performed