What do the letters mean on CDC four:m Socket Assign screen?

The CDC four:m uses two character “mnemonics” for the inputs and outputs that may be assigned to sockets on I/O stageracks. These can be seen in the Socket Assign page by pressing Function Button 3 labelled Assign Socket.

Cadac CDC four-m socket assign

The mnemonics are:


C17 to C48  Channels 17 to 48



MR, ML, MM Master output right, left and mono
G1 to G4 Group output 1 to 4
A1 to A8 Aux send output 1 to 8
mL, mR, mM Monitor Left, Right and Mono
TL, TR Tape output, Left and Right
PL, PR Phones output, Left and Right
M1 to M4 Matrix output 1 to 4


Please Note: The local sockets on the rear panel of the CDC four:m are hard-wired and cannot be re-assigned.