Where are the Matrix outputs on a CDC four:m?

The CDC four:m has the addition of a 6 x 4 matrix, combining the 4 group outputs and the LR master into a further four outputs.

These outputs are part of the extended outputs from the CDC four:m which are only available if you use an I/O stagebox with more than 16 outputs (CDC I/O 6448, CDC MC MADI, CDC MC Dante etc.).

Select the CDC four:m output layer and press Function Button 3, labelled Assign socket. The Matrix outputs, M1 to M4, are assigned to sockets 25 to 28.

Cadac CDC four-m socket assign

If you are using the CDC four:m with a CDC I/O 3216 stagebox these outputs may be reassigned to one of the 16 sockets available but this will entail giving up the outputs that are currently using them.