Aura Audio lands Cadac distribution

Finland – Cadac has announced the appointment of Aura Audio as its new Finnish distributor. The company, based in Lieto on the south west coast of the country, designs, engineers and manufactures its own range of advanced performance sound reinforcement systems, for which it has developed a number of proprietary design innovations and earned itself a number of patents both in Europe and the US. Aura Audio approached Cadac, seeking out a console line with industry leading sonic performance and signal transparency to complement its speaker designs, and provide a ‘matched’ end-to-end solution to its rental and installation clients.

Aura Audio Cadac CDC six

Aura Audio’s Mika Isotalo (L) and Petri Salo with Cadac CDC six

“Cadac has been on our radar for some while,” says Managing Director Mika Isotalo. “When the opportunity arose to start working with this legendary brand, we couldn’t say no! Digital consoles, in general, seem to have reached a point where most of the features are on pretty much all of the consoles but there’s still a lot of difference in overall sound quality. This is where Cadac’s CDC consoles stand out; the transparency and seamless summing at all busses was the feature that really turned our heads. It is a level of sound quality, in a digital console, unique to Cadac. Now with the addition of CDC five, we feel that the range of consoles fits a full breadth of professional applications, from club touring to theater and stadium shows.”

Cadac’s CDC series mixing consoles have gained wide recognition as being audibly superior to any other currently available mixing console, analogue or digital, and perceptibly improving the attainable sound performance with any of the world’s leading sound reinforcement systems.

“Aura Audio is a perfect fit for Cadac, given our shared audio first ideology. Both product lines are unequivocally performance led,” says Cadac International Sales Manager Rob Hughes, “It is very exciting to be working so closely with like minded people.”

Cadac’s MegaCOMMS digital audio protocol, ‘powers’ the CDC seven-s, CDC six and CDC five mixing consoles, CDC MC I/O stage boxes and MegaCOMMS audio network, and boasts an astonishing and unrivalled latency performance of just 37 samples (@ 96 kHz), or under 400us – total through-system propagation delay, including all console processing and A-D/D-A conversions. Combined with the synchronization of all audio samples before summing, for absolute phase coherency at every output, the result is a level of sound quality with which no other digital audio protocol can compare.

Aura Audio Petri Salo Cadac CDC six

Aura Audio’s Petri Salo with Cadac CDC six

The CDC series consoles also provide unparalleled operational simplicity, with a combination of 23.5 inch high contrast HD touchscreen based control and a highly evolved, high agility OS. The swipeable graphical operator experience – akin to the glass cockpit paradigm in aviation – presents a less challenging, rapid learning curve. The range of CDC series comprises the 80 input CDC six, the flagship dual 23.5 inch touchscreen, 128 input CDC seven-s and the latest compact CDC five.

The CDC five, in particular, is designed for smaller auditorium fixed installations, as well as corporate and smaller touring applications, with a power-to-form factor ratio, and levels of sonic performance and operational simplicity exceptional in a compact professional mix console. Running 96k/24-bit audio, the CDC five provides up to 48 inputs and 24 assignable busses, plus LCR and monitors in FoH mode; or 30 assignable busses when operating in Monitor Mode. It features a single 23.5 inch touchscreen with 28 encoders and 16 faders, plus dual banks of user assignable buttons. The rear panel boasts 16 analogue inputs, eight analogue outputs and eight digital I/Os, as well as an integrated 64 x 64 Waves card.


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