Cadac promotes CDC consoles and MegaCOMMS network platform for worship market at WFX

USA – Cadac is exhibiting its latest industry leading CDC six and CDC seven live sound production console, and its ultra-high speed, high definition audio network MegaCOMMS platform at WFX 2017. The company has two medium format, single screen CDC six consoles and a larger format, dual touchscreen CDC seven consoles, operating with the very latest CDC OS and running on the MegaCOMMS network via the CDC MC Router.

Cadac at WFX 2017

Cadac at WFX 2017 – CDC seven (center) CDC six (L&R) MegaCOMMS

The CDC six and CDC seven hardware control surfaces are based around a 23.5 inch high contrast HD touch screen – one on the CDC six and two on the CDC seven. These combine with CDC OS to provide Cadac’s uniquely intuitive, “high-agility” swipeable graphical operator experience; akin to the glass cockpit paradigm in aviation and resulting in a minimal learning curve that enables skilled operation by volunteer staff.

Both feature Cadac’s legendary mic preamplifier design, combined with a time-aligned, phase-coherent mix bus architecture, resulting in industry leading, total through-system propagation delay under 0.4 milliseconds (400µs); the audio industry’s lowest latency protocol, and the best audio quality and performance of any – analogue or digital – live mixing console.

MegaCOMMS offers a high performance, cost comparative audio networking platform for worship facilities. Up to 128 bi-directional channels of 96 kHz / 24-bit audio per port, with a total of 3072 channels (with inclusion of MegaCOMMS Router) is available on a single network. Total through-system propagation delay from on-stage inputs to outputs, including all console processing and A-D / D-A conversions, in 37 samples (@ 96 kHz) – under 400µs. Additionally, MegaCOMMS synchronizes all audio samples before summing, resulting in absolute phase coherency at all outputs.

MegaCOMMS includes a range of I/O, interface and bridging components to enable direct connectivity with other networking systems and the wider AV world, including CDC I/O 6448, CDC I/O 3216 analogue and CDC MC AES3 digital stageboxes, the CDC MC Optical Bridge and CDC MC Dante Bridge.

Trinity Baptist Church’s CDC eight and choir

Trinity Baptist Church’s CDC eight and choir

Cadac’s Marketing Manager, James Godbehear says, “Cadac is a relatively new brand in the worship market but we are generating considerable interest and making inroads with the sheer quality and industry leading audio performance of our CDC series product. What is especially attractive to the worship sector is that our cutting edge innovations result in unparalleled ease of operation and affordability in comparison with any other similarly feature specified systems.”


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