CDC software and networking products expand mix and MegaCOMMS performance

UK- 2016 will see Cadac’s best-selling digital audio console, the CDC six, running the very latest CDC Console Software, offering such features as custom fader layers and a user library for EQ, Effects and Dynamics settings. The Expo will also see the US debut of Cadac’s CDC MC AES3 stagebox and CDC MC Optical Bridge; components which further increase the flexibly of Cadac’s propriety MegaCOMMS audio network.

Cadac MegaCOMMS CDC network

Cadac MegaCOMMS CDC network: (left, top to bottom) CDC MC Dante, CDC MC MADI, CDC MC Optical (right) CDC MC Router

MegaCOMMS provides the audio transport, at 96 kHz / 24-bit, for Cadac’s digital consoles and audio network. MegaCOMMS uses inexpensive and robust RG6 coax cables for distances of up to 150 metres, however with the addition of the new CDC MC Optical Bridge it further extends the maximum distance between network devices to 2 km (6,561 feet). With the inclusion of a MegaCOMMS Router, the network can be expanded to 3072 channels.

The new CDC MC AES3 stagebox complements the existing CDC I/O 6448 and CDC I/O 3216 analogue stageboxes, providing a total of 18 AES3 inputs / outputs via four 25-way D-Sub connectors and two XLR connectors, making a total of 36 audio inputs and outputs. All of the inputs are transformer isolated and outputs have SRC on a connector-to-connector basis; 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz (192 kHz on inputs only), with conversion to 96 kHz. The unit can also be synchronised with an external Word clock (3V3 and 5V0), AES11, or via its own internal clock.

Both the CDC MC AES3 stagebox and CDC MC Optical Bridge are supplied with dual power supplies as standard.

The CDC six, with its expanded feature set, features superb audio due to Cadac’s legendary mic preamplifier design, combined with a time-aligned, phase-coherent mix bus architecture, resulting in industry leading, total through-system propagation delay, including all console processing and A-D / D-A conversions, of an astonishing 37 samples (@ 96 kHz), or just under 0.4 milliseconds; the audio industry’s lowest latency protocol.

Enhanced console operation is based around Cadac’s innovative “high agility” intuitive human interface, with “touch and swipe” gesture operation, accessed via the large touch-screen and surrounding encoders, replacing traditional fixed physical controls. All of which makes the CDC six are far less menu dependent than traditional digital consoles, providing a minimal learning curve for operators.

“Following the excitement generated around the CDC six’s WFX debut appearance at last year’s expo, we are really looking forward to showing off our expanded MegaCOMMS network,” says Marketing Manager James Godbehear. “ With the new CDC AES3 stagebox and the CDC MC Optical Bridge, the MegaCOMMS network further increases the flexibility and ability to meet even the most demanding audio applications. The enhanced feature set of the new CDC console software makes what is already an impressively intuitive console even more user friendly.”


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