CDC five

CDC five Overview

The Cadac CDC five with its 48 input channels and 24 assignable busses, is the latest addition to the Cadac digital console line. The compact CDC five gives sound engineers access to Cadac’s unique user experience and legendary audio performance at a very competitive price point.

Based on an evolution of Cadac’s ‘high agility’ operating system, the CDC five has all the benefits of an intuitive operating system and faster work flow all on a single 23.5” screen.

The new CDC five follows the same form factor and user interface as the CDC six and CDC seven-s. The most noticeable difference between the CDC five and its larger siblings is the lack of a stand alone  6.5” screen. The GUI of this control screen can be accessed with a swipe down action on the large 23.5” (or via a hard button to the left of the screen). There are also a number of hard buttons to the left of the screen to aid navigation when this screen is in use.

Cadac Console Range

Another major differentiation is the number of user definable buttons on the surface which further increases the configurability of the workflow. The CDC five has 2 banks of 10 buttons  – which are double layered – on either side of the fader tray, giving a total of 40 user buttons, along with a unique to CDC five set up screen. in comparison the CDC six and seven-s both have  a single bank of 8 buttons – which are also dual layered – to the right of the faders.

CDC five user define buttons

As the CDC five has been conceived as a “single box solution” it has an internal PSU – with the option of external redundant supply in the form of the PSU4800. Every effort has been put into the design of the supply to ensure that the audio quality is not compromised in anyway. Another obvious feature of this “single box solution” is the increase of local I/O to 16 analogue inputs, complimenting the 8 analogue outputs and 8 digital inputs and outputs.

Although the CDC five has been designed to be the cost effective entry level Cadac, there has been no concessions when it comes to the feature set – or audio quality. As with the rest of the range the CDC five comes with an integrated 64 x 64 Waves interface, the same industry leading total through-system propagation and the identical features found within the CDC Console Software OS.

CDC five Waves

The CDC fives takes the CDC six and seven-s’ audio performance, and distinctive UI, to a price point not seen before on a touch screen Cadac, making it not only an exceptional but also a competitive alternative in the general-purpose mixing console market.


Hardware Overview

  • Intuitive, clear graphical user interface
  • Proprietary DSP mix platform
  • 32/40 bit floating point SHARC processors
  • 23.5” flush mounted 16:9 high definition LCD touch wide screen
  • 26 user definable colour OLED displays
  • 20 segment stereo channel metering
  • 16 touch sensitive 100mm motorised faders
  • 8 AES3 inputs and 8 AES3 outputs
  • 16 fully programmable Mic inputs
  • 8 analogue outputs
  • Internal PSU with redundant option


Feature Summary

  • Classic Cadac mic-pres
  • Sub 0.4 millisecond latency from analogue inputs on stage to analogue outputs on stage
  • Automatic latency management system
  • 48 input channels
  • 32 busses, 24 are assignable as Group, Stereo Group, Aux, Stereo Aux or Matrix
  • Unique Cadac Monitor Mode
  • Custom Fader Layers
  • 4 band fully parametric EQ
  • Extensive dynamics
  • 16 VCA groups including ‘VCA unfold’ navigation
  • 40 assignable buttons with OLED displays
  • 16 stereo on-board effects
  • 31 band graphic equaliser on all outputs as well as 4 band fully parametric EQ
  • Compressor/limiter on all outputs
  • Input and output delays
  • Snapshot automation system with Cue Ripple and Cue Preview
  • Dugan Automixer post fade Insert for Waves