CDC six

Cadac CDC six Overview

The medium format Cadac CDC six, with its 80 input channels, 56 busses of which 48 are assignable, has been designed to provide a truly intuitive user interface, with class leading audio performance, in a very  competitive package.

Using Cadac’s ‘high agility’ operating system, the CDC six is far less menu dependent in operation than other equivalent consoles, resulting in an easier learning curve and faster work flow.

As with the CDC seven-s, the most striking visual feature of the CDC six is the optically bonded 23.5 inch 16:9 high definition LCD touch screen, with digital encoders to the bottom and to the right of the screen. This unique combination of a large touch screen displaying an intuitive GUI linked with traditional encoders, results in an instinctive use of touch and swipe with the faders naturally following the GUI on the screen. 

Cadac CDC six San Fran

Cadac CDC six

Not only is the CDC six intuitive to use, it has a number of features designed to aid the work flow and allow the engineer to  creatively mix, rather than be hindered and limited by the console. These includes Cadac’s unique Monitor Mode with Mix Focus, as well as the ability to create Custom Fader Layers. All designed with the sole purpose to increase the speed of the work flow.

Cadac CDC six Tipper Kings Theatre

Cadac CDC six in the Kings Theatre

CDC six not only comes with its own 16 creative on board stereo effects but it also comes preconfigured with an integrated 64 x 64 Waves interface. This allows direct connection to a Waves MultiRack SoundGrid server and with it access to the Waves’ library of effects and it also enables multi-track recording to a laptop.

The CDC six uses Cadac’s MegaCOMMS digital audio network which has been designed to meet the requirements of the most challenging applications.  Cadac’s audio protocol allows total through-system propagation delay from inputs on stage to outputs, including all console processing and AD / DA conversions, in 37 samples (@ 96 kHz), or just under 400us.

The combination of an exceptional user interface, legendary Cadac mic-pre’s, state-of-the art DSP and FPGA processing technology, with astonishingly low latency, makes the CDC six an incredible proposition for those who do not want to be faced with either audio or creative compromises.


Hardware Overview

  • Intuitive, clear graphical user interface
  • Proprietary DSP mix platform
  • 32/40 bit floating point SHARC processors
  • 23.5” flush mounted 16:9 high definition LCD touch wide screen
  • 6.5” LCD touch screen for system control
  • 24 user definable colour OLED displays
  • 20 segment stereo channel metering
  • 20 touch sensitive 100mm motorised faders
  • 8 AES3 inputs and 8 AES3 outputs
  • 8 fully progammable Mic inputs and 8 outputs
  • External PSU


Feature Summary

  • Classic Cadac mic-pres
  • Sub 0.4 millisecond latency from analogue inputs on stage to analogue outputs on stage
  • Automatic latency management system
  • 80 input channels
  • 56 busses, 48 are assignable as Group, Stereo Group, Aux, Stereo Aux or Matrix
  • Unique Cadac Monitor Mode
  • Custom Fader Layers
  • 4 band fully parametric EQ
  • Extensive dynamics
  • 16 VCA groups including ‘VCA unfold’ navigation
  • 16 assignable buttons with OLED displays
  • 16 stereo on-board effects
  • 31 band graphic equaliser on all outputs as well as 4 band fully parametric EQ
  • Compressor/limiter on all outputs
  • Input and output delays
  • Snapshot automation system with Cue Ripple and Cue Preview
  • Dugan Automixer post fade Insert for Waves