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S-Type EQ and VCA Group

Assignment versatility across all functions. The EQ can be bypassed or switched in to the signal path as required, and can also be selected to the PRE insert.

In addition, the S-type is fitted with a fixed frequency high pass filter. The S-type’s flexible assignment facilities enable every input channel to assigned to one or more DC (VCA) master group fader(s) as required. The VCA masters can also be configured as Mute Groups if required.

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S-type Frame

Flexibility is central to the S-type’s design. Multiple frames are linkable to make a larger format console quickly and easily, via optional bus connectors. Users can mix and match the S-type’s modules, moving them in the frame to suit a given requirement and giving complete configuration control.

The S-type construction allows multiple frames to be positioned so that modules are almost adjacent. Internal audio bussing is balanced and uses ribbon cables. All power bussing is also routed via ribbon cables. Frame mounted inputs include diode mixed power inlets, earth points, a headphone jack, bus expansion connectors, main stereo output XLRs, main stereo insert point jacks and gooseneck lamp XLRs. The frame also incorporates multiple cooling fans.

The four sizes of frame available comprise 17, 25, 33 and 41 module positions. These allow for the standard configurations of 8, 12, 20 and 28 mic inputs, with 4 stereo lines, 4 or 8 group/VCA groups, and a stereo master / talkback / oscillator / comms module choices. Alternatively any combination of modules can be fitted. The only limits are a maximum of 8 output groups and 1 oscillator / comms module in a system. A system can comprise multiple frames with modules located into any position within the frame to suit application.


S-Type PSU

The 2U external power supplies are connected via a shielded multicore cable with 6-pole circular bayonet connectors. Each console may be powered from two independent power supply systems, operating simultaneously for continuous redundant operation.

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S-Type Matrix Output

The Matrix Output features variable output level control with full range metering. In addition to the individual PFL and MUTE selection, a switchable INSERT, and a useful ON switch are also provided.

The Sub Group outputs can be re-mixed to the 8 matrix outputs, using the 4 dual-concentric level send controls. Additionally, the stereo master output can be re-mixed to all matrix outputs as L-R pairs or summed mono.

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S-Type Mic Amp

High Quality Microphone Amplifier

The S-Type’s microphone amplifier provides 60 dB of gain and a 20 dB pad for the line level inputs; the input includes phase reversal and 48 V phantom power facilities. The input gain level is displayed on a 12-segment LED meter mounted in the visible sight line adjacent to the 100mm channel fader for instant feedback and operator control.


The S-type offers extended listen facilities. Monitoring can be through either an amplifier / loudspeakers or headphones, each with its own level control for comfortable listening. Alternatively, monitoring can be purely visual using the dual channel LED bar graph metering. The flexible PFL monitoring can hold multiple channels and clear the selection with a press of a button.

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S-Type Mono and Stereo Auxes

Both mono and stereo aux output masters are available, and can be combined to a maximum of 6 mono aux master modules and 2 stereo aux master modules per console. Each aux master has its own full metering, providing at a glance the state of all output levels, plus output level control, MUTE and PFL selections.

In addition to the groups, the S-type features a dedicated stereo master output with its own fader. To provide even more flexibility, the stereo output can also be re-routed to the matrix outputs – either as a stereo pair or as a summed mono signal. This send can be selected pre-fader if required.

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S-Type Sub Groups - Panning

A variety of input channel options plus enhanced sub-group routing with a selectable and dedicated stereo bus, including the ability to pan the signal across the bus.

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Cadac S-Type 17 angle

The S-Type is Cadac’s compact modular fixed frame console with 8 Aux, 8 Subs and 8 Matrix outputs. The S-type’s specification includes the same high quality mic input and a 4-band fully parametric EQ that were originally designed for the large format J-Type live production console. This provides the S-Type with an unequalled level of performance compared with comparative console designs.

The S-Type’s superb audio performance, packaged in a compact frame, has made it ideally suited for handling a variety of roles, whether in TV and radio broadcast, corporate events or in house of worship applications. It has also been built to last. This is due to Cadac’s commitment to using only the highest quality components backed up by over 50 years of experience in innovative electronic and mechanical designs.

Feature Summary
  • Cadac analogue audio quality in a cost-effective modular design
  • Cadac’s unique design of any module in any position
  • Four frame sizes – 17, 25, 33 and 41
  • Expandable and linkable using optional bus connector
  • Stereo input channel with line inputs
  • Fully balanced direct output with level control
  • 8 switchable PRE/POST auxiliary sends, two of which are stereo
  • 10 x 8 output matrix
  • Inserts on inputs, sub groups and matrix
  • Fully assignable DC (VCA) masters
  • Comprehensive metering, with full range LED meters on inputs and outputs
  • Full size 100mm faders

Features Overview

Cadac S-Type Top

Effectively a miniature R-Type, the S-Type compact modular mixer offers the same circuity, mic preamp, EQ and balanced bussing just with fewer busses and different frame construction.


Cadac S-Type rear

General Specifications S-Type – All models

Channels 17 – 41 maximum
Auxiliaries 6 mono 2 stereo
Sub groups 8
Matrix outputs 8
DC masters 8
Input impedance Microphone – 1k2 ohms
Line – 10k ohms
Nominal input level 0 dBu
Max. input level +24dBu (balanced) + 10dBu (unbalanced)
Max. output level +22dBu
CMRR -65dBu (20Hz- 20kHz)
Signal to noise -105dBu at unity gain
Dynamic range 119dB,20Hz to 20kHz unweighted
THD 0.005% (20Hz to 20 kHz)
Frequency response 10Hz to 70kHz (+0, -3dBu)- input to output
Crosstalk -85dBu (20Hz to 20 kHz)
Phase response Better than 5 degrees at 20Hz

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