A guide to updating the Brooklyn cards within the CDC MC Dante

The CDC MC Dante has two internal Brooklyn cards, both of which have to be updated at the same time with the same code.

To update the cards within the CDC MC Dante unit it will require:


The procedure on how to update the cards within the CDC MC Dante unit you will need to follow the guide from Audinate (see link) which describes the process: Audinate-dante-firmware-update-manager-user-guide


    • The update does not require the lid of the CDC MC Dante to be removed
    • If an Ethernet switch is available, both cards can be updated at once. Alternately the process can be repeated for the second Brooklyn card (primary B).
    • Ensure you have any firewalls switched off
    • Don’t remove power to the CDC MC Dante once flashing has commenced


Once the update is complete, the status window should look like below:

Brooklyn Cards Update

The option to manually set the IP address should also now be an option