Centre Section of the surface fails to start-up correctly on a CDC six, CDC seven and CDC seven-s

If the centre section of the console surface fails to start-up correctly this is most likely due to the Cached Files being corrupt.  This can occur when the console has been switched off incorrectly  e.g. has the power pulled.

To fix the issue insert a USB key with the appropriate software for the console (e.g. CDC six Console Software for a CDC six) into the desk.

Press Clear Caches when it pop ups on the screen, then wait for it to finish processing – this may take several minutes.

Pressing Clear Caches on the software command key will fix this issue as it clears out and checks for corruption in the Cadac files.

NOTE: It is advised to use the Clear Caches button whenever you update the console.

WARNING: If the incorrect Console Software version has been used (e.g. CDC six Console Software on a CDC five) pressing Clear Caches will stop the desk from loading, and will require a TOTAL RECALL to fix.


Manually Remove Cashed Files

You can also remove Cached Files manually (or check if they are there) by going into Explorer on the console:


You can insert an appropriate Console Software USB key in to the console, then double tap on Expert and then press Explorer, which will allow you to then navigating to the folder.

Or by using a USB keyboard attach to the desk.

  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL
  •  Navigate to Start Task Manager
  •  Press ALT-F
  • Type “Explorer
  •  Press Enter


App Data is a hidden folder so you need to make sure you can see hidden files before you can access it by:

  • Select Folder Options in the ecomixer folder, then select the View tab
  • Under Advanced Settings, select Show Hidden Files, folders, and drives, and then select OK


Delete all folders within the Local folder that relate to CADAC and SCC AudioNO OTHER FOLDERS.

If the corrupted files have been removed then the desk will start up without any issues.